low heart rate

  1. xeliex

    Low AND high pulses - puzzling

    The Lows I've always had low pulse. While sleeping, it used to drop to 36 bpm. Since Peating (for many years), it rarely goes below 44 bpm during sleep. My Peating did include taking thyroid meds, the past 2 years. I am taking 1/2 a Cynoplus in the morning with meals. Waking pulses are low...
  2. E

    How can I raise my heart rate?

    I have had issues with a bounding pulse and it has been suggested by my cardiologist to get my heart rate up to reduce the force/size of each beat. My heart rate is pretty low, when I was fit it was as low as 42 bpm. I have stopped exercising to try and raise my heart rate, so it has come up to...
  3. ALS

    'Drunk Tank Pink' - Color's effect on the endocrine system

    Regarding Baker-Miller Pink and its use in holding tanks: In the late 1960s, Alexander Schauss, who now operates the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma, Washington, studied psychological and physiological responses to the color pink.[4][5] Schauss had read studies by the Swiss...
  4. Hans

    The High Acetylcholine Syndrome

    I wrote an article on acetylcholine which describes symptoms of high and low acetylcholine. I also discuss what can cause it to be high or low and what supplements can be used to block or boost it. The high acetylcholine syndrome » MenElite
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