low carb

  1. mantq

    Carbs and Water Retention

    Hey everyone, So I've noticed that over the years, whenever I'm eating lots of carbs, I have fantastic levels of energy and never feeling hungry, as well as sleeping better. But the downside to this, is that I get a very puffy face, people always notice as in commenting 'oh you've gained weight'...
  2. DDRB

    Why low carbers looks more androgenic.

    Ii believe what i've seen on the ray peat forum and other places, carbs should make you more masculine by optimizing testosterone production (+gnrh) and uptake (detaching testosterone from shbg and albumin), they should also make you more muscular thanks to insulin. However, to start with my...
  3. mantq

    Carb Water Retention, Sub 10% Body Fat

    Hey everyone, I'm attaching a recent picture of my body to showcase the current state of my body and in order to provide an estimate for my 'low body fat', which I believe is below 10%. Anyway, I'm very lean, very fit at the moment, however, I struggle with water retention on my face. Whenever I...
  4. BestSinceDAYONE

    Low carb dieters look so much older

    Is it me or do the low carb gurus look significantly older? Peter Attia, Joe Rogan, Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes, Shawn Baker They all have one thing in common, their faces (and hairlines) look so much worse but they have shredded physiques.
  5. Sefton10

    Stone Age humans were Hypercarnivores

    This study had a bit of traction online in the UK media recently. A couple of friends sent it to me as justification for their carnivore/primal style diets. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9440677/Stone-Age-humans-HYPERCARNIVORES-survived-meat.html I would be interested in...
  6. J

    The Low-Fat Era - A Big Fat Lie?

    You hear all the time from low-carb/keto/carnivore people that the introduction of low-fat products and the governmental push of low-fat diets is a major cause of today's health problems. So I actually tried to dig up nutrition statistics over the ages. If you actually look at the statistics...