1. C

    Have Filters Changed The Game? Who Looks Good? What now?

    Can you trust your eyes anymore on who's doing things right? I would look for long term vegans, fruitarians, keto etc. to see how they're holding up in their video interviews. Photos have been useless for decades but videos still told the truth until recently. I've noticed a lot of older...
  2. P

    Baby face, masculine body

    Hey guys, how can I keep my face youthful while getting bigger? I mean with the help of PEDs All the bodybuilders gain that “roided out” look on their face, which other than being really disgusting, that seems really stressed out I’m looking to get a David Laid-esque physique, so without getting...
  3. Vivin3BC

    Why Do Women Prefer Tall Men?

    If being tall equals better chances of getting a mate, why don’t our bodies grow? We have an abundance of calories we can give our bodies, yet they won’t make themselves grow. Why can’t our mind influence our looks? I want to grow taller I want to grow taller I want to grow taller.. Repeating...
  4. Brandin

    Peaty bodytransformation

    This is what around 3.5 years of religious peating and working out did to my body. I know some people wont be interested in this but I have seen people on here being interested in bodybuilding, looks and just androgen hormone optimization so im posting it for that respective audience...
  5. MetabolicTrash

    Is physiognomy as a concept correlatable with epigenetics, lookism, bioenergetics, etc.?

    If looks can change and/or exist depending on background, diet, lifestyle, hormones, somatic effects, mindset, stress levels, prenatal effects, bioenergetics, electrics and epigenetics as a whole, is this where the criticism over appearance is possibly rooted in the form of a broadened body of...
  6. haidut

    The Lower Your Cortisol Levels, The Younger You Look

    Peat has this quote popping up on the forum every once in a while. “The main features of aging can be produced... | Ray Peat Forum "..."...The main features of aging can be produced directly by administering excessive amounts of cortisol. These features include atrophy of skin, arteries, muscle...
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