1. P

    55 year-old looks like 25

    Interesting video about a 55 year-old photographer who looks like an elite 25 year-old fitness model. He's 55 Years Old But Looks 25... Reacting To Chuando Tan Reveal His Secrets Summary: He looks the same as he did in the late 1980s, in his 20s. He doesn't drink or smoke, doesn't drink coffee...
  2. metabolizm

    Metabolic Rate & Longevity

    Peat's central premise is that a high metabolic rate will improve chances of longevity. This is in direct contrast to the mainstream premise. (Just look up "metabolic rate longevity") to get an idea of this. I'm trying to gather up evidence for the idea that a higher metabolic rate gives us a...
  3. haidut

    Sexual activity and stress levels (HPA activity) may determine longevity

    The study below tried to tease out the main factors affecting the longevity of the legendary naked mole rat - the animal with longest lifespan in its genus, and the sole mammal known to be virtually immune to developing cancer. Most of the biological/biochemical findings in regards to naked mole...
  4. Hans

    The Most Important Organ For Longevity

    Where is the hub in the body where all things are most likely to go wrong? The most important organ for longevity » MENELITE
  5. B

    Crickets Fed Low Dose Aspirin Live 143% Longer, Have Longer Childhoods And Higher Metabolic Rates

    We examined the impacts of aspirin and metformin on the life history of the cricket Acheta domesticus (growth rate, maturation time, mature body size, survivorship, and maximal longevity). Both drugs significantly increased survivorship and maximal life span. Maximal longevity was 136 days for...
  6. A

    Calcium Alpha-ketoglutarate. A Calcium Supplement With Added Benefits?

    While searching for the ideal calcium supplement I came across calcium alpha-ketoglutarate which I think has not been discussed on this forum yet and looks highly interesting. There is a study showing that calcium alpha-ketoglutarate extends lifespan and compresses morbidity in aging mice...
  7. S

    Diet Of Japanese Longevity Expert Who Lived To 105

    This Japanese longevity expert lived to 105 — here's what he ate every day
  8. haidut

    A High-carb Diet May Explain Why Okinawans Live So Long

    Most people have heard of the so-called Okinawan "miracle" - i.e. the high ratio of centenarians per capita on that Japanese island. While that ratio is artificially elevated due to increased emigration after WWII, there is solid evidence that Okinawans have better systemic health than the rest...
  9. haidut

    Low-protein High-carb Diet Has The Same Benefits As Caloric Restriction

    A recent study posted on the forum claimed that low carb is better for weight loss than other diets. Low Carb More Effective In Weight Loss Than High Carb? But the key question which so far most dieting studies ignore is this. Is the diet actually improving health and increasing lifespan...
  10. haidut

    Longevity Is NOT In Your Genes, It's In Your Choices Of Lifestyle And People

    Yet another big hit against the genetic explanation. Not only is longevity not due to genes but it can also be largely controlled by whom you associate with. Estimates of the Heritability of Human Longevity Are Substantially Inflated due to Assortative Mating The Key to a Long Life Has Little...
  11. P

    Resting Metabolic Rate And Respiratory Quotient In Human Longevity

    "Old people are able to metabolize fat at the same rate as younger people, but their overall metabolic rate is lower, because they are unable to oxidize sugar at the same high rate as young people. Fat people have a similar selectively reduced ability to oxidize sugar." -Ray Peat Resting...
  12. haidut

    There Is Probably No Limit To Human Lifespan

    The current ruling dogma in medicine is that human longevity is most likely genetically determined, and seems to be capped at about 125 years. The main arguments given in favor if this hypothesis are the apparently exponentially rising odds of dying with increasing age and the fact that no...
  13. haidut

    Lower Growth Hormone (hGH) And IGF-1 Levels In Men Extends Lifespan

    The study is important because it was done on humans and confirms a lot of what Ray has written about the dangers of pituitary hormones, including hGH. Combined with the well-known link between hGH and cancer I am not sure how sane the doctor advising all the athletes juicing with hGH are. The...
  14. haidut

    Lifespan / Longevity May Be Tied To Environmental Conditions

    While I do not agree with the main assertions of the author on "rate of living" theory, he does make a few very important points, including the vital importance of mitochondria and metabolism for evolution and lifespan. Also, he lists a few examples of species where lifespan doubled simply...
  15. Giraffe

    Resting Metabolic Rate And Respiratory Quotient In Human Longevity

    "Eighty-one females were divided into three groups: adults (<65 yr old; n = 26), aged subjects (age range 66–94; n = 27), and long-lived subjects (>95 yr old; n = 28) volunteered for the study." "Indirect calorimetry parameters for each age group are reported in Table 3. Long-lived subjects had...
  16. B

    Thyroid Function And Longevity

    Thyroid Function and Inherited Human Longevity Can anyone explain this?
  17. Drareg

    Mice And 25 Different Diets,which One Increases Lifespan The Most?

    I'm not sure if this was posted yet? The main question is if the carbs in the chow contained protein within the fruit and how much,did they allow for this? "In invertebrates, reproductive output and lifespan are profoundly impacted by dietary macronutrient balance, with these traits achieving...
  18. F

    Blue Zone Centenarian 'Mystery'

    "Gianni Pes, the Sardinian scientist who helped coin the term Blue Zone, is not convinced there is any such thing as a “longevity gene” that sets the populations apart. For one, there are genetic differences between the populations of the 14 towns that comprise the Sardinian Blue Zone...
  19. tonto

    "Unsaturated Fats Linked To Longer Healthier Life" - Harvard Gazette

    I haven't read the JAMA article referenced, but wondering what people think of this... Unsaturated fats linked to longer, healthier life Consuming greater amounts of unsaturated fats is associated with lower mortality, according to a study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In a...
  20. P

    Foods Consumed By The Healthiest People, Part 5: The Nicoya Peninsula

    Foods Consumed by the Healthiest People, Part 5: The Nicoya Peninsula The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica was a surprise discovery when researchers from the National Geographic Society began their study of longevity hot spots (aka, blue zones) around the world. When they heard the region had a...