1. Twohandsondeck

    Do 'health' supplements hurt the liver and/or kidneys? A comment about elevated markers

    Last night I came across a comment regarding supplementation which I thought to share here. It was found on a video on the YouTube channel, "Conquer Aging or Die Trying!" [Linked below] **Fantastic channel by the way, would recommend it to anyone. From aquamarine99911: "As a guy in my mid-60s...
  2. C

    The World’s Oldest Family Claims Eating Oatmeal Twice Daily Is The Secret

    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/eating-porridge-twice-da-long-life-secret-world-oldest-family-donelly-1075-years-meat-vegetables-a7868486.html They carefully avoid a fasted state by digesting carbs all night and then eat an early breakfast.
  3. C

    "Tour de France" Endurance Athletes Have HUGE 17% Increase In Average Longevity

    Don't shoot the messenger. I hate cardio too. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21618162/
  4. C

    Life-Extension Drug LOY-001 For Dogs Over 40lbs Is Probably A Few Years Away

    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/a-new-drug-that-could-extend-dogs-lives-inches-closer-to-approval-180983331/ I would have posted a chemical description but don't see it online yet.
  5. C

    I've NEVER Seen "Coconut" Associated With Longevity or Centenarians

    I just realized that after reading about the diets of exceptionally healthy people in their 90s and older and I've never seen the word coconut once. I've seen they eat chocolate, bacon, eggs, olive oil, milk but never seen the word "coconut" in the context of a supercentenarian or really anyone...
  6. C

    Is It Worth Decreasing PUFA From 2 Grams to 1 Over Lifetime? Would It Matter?

    Is it worth switching from lentils to adzuki beans or coconut oil to MCT for example? Would there be any actual benefit of reducing PUFA intake by 50% but by only 1gram over 90 years?
  7. Apple

    Henry Kissinger’s guide to longevity

    May 27, Henry Kissinger, celebrated his 100th birthday. Since 2020, he has completed two books and begun work on a third. Health regimen he has followed throughout his adult life, which includes a diet heavy on bratwurst (sausage) and Wiener schnitzel (veil cutlet), a career of relentlessly...
  8. Mauritio

    Dietary saturated fats increases longevity more than PUFA

    Interesting study on the influence of various fatty acids on longevity in mice on calorie restriction (with a few caveats). The mice eating saturated fats lived the longest followed by the high omega 6 group and the high omega 3 group. So there is a perfect correlation between the degree of...
  9. TruffleGnocchi

    Bioelectricity resource collection, Michael Levin specifically (videos, websites, statements, and other)

    A collection of videos of Michael Levin, his website, some of the statements he made or takeaways, off the top of my head. Bioelectricity according to Michael Levin and his research team: (he did say this was studied before him, he doesn't claim it as his own afaik) - Genes do not code what...
  10. TruffleGnocchi

    Video with visuals: Taurine - a supplement for longevity? -- The Sheekey Science Show

    Here is a video on youtube by The Sheeky Science Show. Going over some results of some studies, showing graphs and other data, explaining potential benefits and some mechanisms. Taurine - a supplement for longevity Some timestamps and extracts from the video: 1:02 taurine...
  11. D

    Guy picks Florida Oranges for over a hundred years and lives a really long time.

    View: https://youtu.be/tnDA3JPloAY
  12. haidut

    Aspirin may replicate the benefits of fasting, while avoiding its risks

    I just made a post about fasting raising risk of early death by about 30%. On the other hand, fasting has been shown to lower biomarkers of inflammation as well as increase autophagy, with at least the former being undeniably beneficial. We already know from other studies that the benefits of...
  13. Ras

    Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Detoxing Body of Harmful Fat By-Products To Extend Lifespan

    The study discussed here presents evidence that clearing the body of the fat byproducts glycerol and glyceraldehyde could lead to an increased lifespan. In light of those data, a supplement that comes to mind is dihydromyricetin, which causes the body to produce more alcohol dehydrogenase and...
  14. C

    Aging Of A 53 YO Male After 25yrs of Dutasteride 35yrs Oral Steroids + No Testosterone Or DHT

    On top of suppressing his natural testosterone production to nothing until age 51 by taking oral steroids, he suppressed his dht to about zero by taking a full dose of dutasteride. He added 125mg of testosterone at age 51 and used to take aromatase inhibitors when he was taking growth hormone...
  15. Tarmander

    Rapamycin is Fantastic and Worth Trying

    There really has not been much talk of Rapamycin on this forum. When it was brought up in the past, its mTOR inhibition was often talked about as a negative. Many assumed this would lead to muscle wasting and catabolism. Well I am here to tell you, it is worth looking into. Alone it has given...
  16. haidut

    No evidence for rate-of-living theory of aging

    Just a quick post, since this topic dominates anti-aging research - i.e. despite lack of concrete evidence for it, mainstream research (and finding agencies) continue to claim that longevity is tied to metabolism, but in an inverse relationship. The study below is on turtles - one of the longest...
  17. NewACC

    (-) Benzofuranylpropylaminopropan is unknown peaty chemical?

    I had recently dug into the "depths" of pubmed and found two notable and rather unknown substances that could potentially become very peaty. In short, this is one of the most powerful neurotrophic substances I have seen. But it also is anticancer and anti-cortisol drug. The only negative can be...
  18. haidut

    Eating meat extends human life expectancy

    Another study challenging the vegan dogma relentlessly promoted by mainstream media under the aegis of World Economic Forum (WEF) members and other similarly microcephalic goons. As the study says, other studies that found benefits in eating vegan diets have failed to account for the so-called...
  19. Hans

    The best exercise and longevity booster supplement

    This is by far one of my favorite supps. https://men-elite.com/2022/03/25/the-best-exercise-and-longevity-booster-supplement/
  20. A

    Low levels of methionine, cystathionine, choline, succinate, malate and high levels of non-polar amino acids, carnitine are associated with longevity

    Methionine metabolism arises as a key target to elucidate the molecular adaptations underlying animal longevity due to the negative association between longevity and methionine content. The present study follows a comparative approach to analyse plasma methionine metabolic profile using a...
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