1. D

    Low Toxin Logs Log - Anti-Vitamin A Diet - Testing out if i have been a Peatard

    I've decided to test out the Anti-Vitamin A diet. I've been on it since 18th Oct 2023. About a week now The reason I became motivated to test this diet out is because of some recent health problems only the Anti-Vitamin A Theory offers an explanation too. One can read and discuss as much as...
  2. M

    Dnp logs for weight loss

    Hey I started a new log with dnp instead of aspirin. Aspirin helps you lose water weight and tolerate a caloric deficit better. But it doesn't work like dnp. My source is under dosed but the dnp numbers I put up will be as if it wasn't. So when I take 500 mg it's 250 mg. Undosed to hell I know...
  3. T

    Tabrid's Log: From Surviving to Thriving

    Hello dear friends, today I decided to change my health and well-being and taking charge of my health. To be more dedicated to my life style changes I am sharing my 30 days (my first milestone) effort here with you. Things about me: -24 years old -190 cm (6'3) 120 kg (265 lb) -FMF patient...
  4. youngsinatra

    The Abundant Energy Legacy

    Hello everyone, I decided to start a personal log, where I can hold record of my diet, lifestyle and supplementation, because I don‘t want to start so many new threads for just small questions or informational posts. This could become my legacy log, that I leave behind, so that my...
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