1. Drareg

    You aren't legally allowed to know which variant gave you COVID-19 in the US, even if it's Delta

    Let’s unpack this madness, actually in second though let’s not, it speaks for itself. Over to you in the COVID cult to explain this one, perhaps just have faith it’s covid and enjoy your victim status, punish yourself with this infection and you will become one of us, it’s like hazing at this...
  2. Drareg

    Children anti-depressants, 231,791 prescriptions UK in 2020

    Western nations are really destroying themselves at this rate, kids at 5 years of age and up getting prescribed SSRI’s, the medical establishment needs to reeled in ASAP. COVID was the excuse used to justify this, it’s driven by profit margins for big pharma, the parents must be stupid, it’s...
  3. Grapelander

    How the UK Government Used Mass Hypnosis To Get Compliance During The Pandemic- Brian Halliday(2021)

    Stage hypnotist Brian Halliday breaks down how the UK government used techniques used in hypnosis to mind control the public to comply with the covid restrictions, lockdowns and the vaccination program. He shows how they played with the subconscious minds of the public to generate, perpetuate...
  4. Giraffe

    What Healthcare Workers Say about their Work after 14 Months Corona

    I am going to post extracts of testimonials found in a German speaking chat:
  5. Drareg

    Belgium must lift ‘all Covid-19 measures’ within 30 days, Brussels court rules

    This is a positive development, I believe something similar has happened in Finland. It’s possible the government may continue the lockdowns and pay the 5,000 euro fine per day, it’s clear most nations have lost respect for the taxpayer...