1. Mauritio

    Lisuride facilitates delayed gratification by 5HT-2a antagonism; may be helpful for addiction

    A trait of highly successful people is to choose a bigger long-term reward over a smaller short-term reward. The ability control your emotions and impulses. A process known as delayed gratification. The study explains the issue, instant gratification, like this: "...the preference for an...
  2. S

    RETEX after one week on idealabs Lisuride

    This is my return of experience after first week applying idealabs Lisuride topically. I’m in my 30’s, healthy male with no medical conditions. Sleep is already good, I’m in great shape and according to my « connected scale », my metabolic age is 5 years younger than what my passeport says. My...
  3. tastyfood

    Took Lisuride for 4 weeks and it didn't lower my prolactin

    I used Idealabs Lisuride topically for 4 weeks, 4 to 5 drops daily (100 to 150mg), and it didn't lower my prolactin. Before using Lisuride I tested 20 ng/mL, and after four weeks of Lisuride, it only went down to 19 ng/mL. What am I doing wrong with Lisuride? I apply it topically to my...
  4. Mauritio

    Psychedelic effect of psilocybin/ LSD mediated through 5ht2a + psychedelics increase neuroplasticity!

    This is study underlines what peat has stated before ,namely that the hallucinations of psychedelics are mediated through serotonin. To be precise it's the 5-HT2a receptor that does that. And the intensity of the experience actually correlated with 5ht2a receptor occupancy. "We report for the...
  5. S

    Lisuride Healed My Parkinson

    A year ago I took Lisuride for the first time and after two weeks of uncontrolled use, the tremor in my hands disappeared permanently. Since the tremor sometimes recurs only when I simultaneously feel symptoms of low dopamine ... this is an exact science. Until then I had experienced tremors in...
  6. K

    What Is The Best Prescription Drug For Hyperprolactinemia?

    What is the best prescription drug for it? I see here doctors prescribe in general Carbergoline and rarely Bromocriptine? Is Bromocriptine better than Cabergoline? Has one more affinity to boosting serotonin than the other? Of there's isn't any issue like that. Are other types like Lisuride...
  7. haidut

    Lisuride - Liquid Lisuride For Lab/R&D

    After many months of often fruitless searching and negotiations with chemical vendors from all over the world, I am pleased to finally announce the release of our Lisuride product. This is perhaps the most anticipated product we have ever released and it is for a good reason. The recent...
  8. F

    Experiences With Lisuride?

    There isn't that much information about Lisuride I've found - can anyone share their experience with it? Especially for people with liver / gut / bloating / starch problems?
  9. haidut

    Lisuride Is A Potent Anti-histamine, And Peripheral Serotonin Antagonist

    I posted some threads on treating obesity by inhibiting peripheral synthesis of serotonin, or antagonizing its actions. One drug that could do that is cyproheptadine, however some people gain weight on it due to increased appetite. Other drugs that are effective for obesity are cabergoline and...
  10. B

    Lisuride prescription possible in the US?

    I'm looking to help prolactin/serotonin-related symptoms. Caffeine makes me negative/helpless and at higher doses suicidal, so unfortunately this cheap, available substance doesn't work for me. The US prescription anti-prolactin drugs have side effects. I searched the forum, and Blossom used to...
  11. L


    Hello does anyone know how I can obtain this in Canada, aside from a prescription. PM me please, thanks.
  12. TeslaFan

    Where To Buy Lisuride

    Where can one buy Lisuride?
  13. Blossom

    Lisuride And Libido

    I was curious if any one has tried Lisuride and experienced increased libido? I started this just yesterday and already have seen improvement. I didn't expect such rapid results in this area especially since I'm only taking a half tablet which is 0.1mg. Wow what a pleasant surprise. :D
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