1. haidut

    Obesity linked to mitochondrial dysfunction in GI tract, treatable by fat restriction

    I think the claim that obesity can be caused by lower metabolism is not something contentious, even though mainstream medicine will claim that it only happens in clinical hypothyroidism. The so-called idiopathic obesity in the general population (now affecting 40%+ of people) is claimed to be...
  2. haidut

    Bacterial Lipids (endotoxin), Not Cholesterol, May Be A Cause Of CVD

    The role of endotoxin (and TLR) in cardiovascular disease (CVD) is probably well-known by most people on this forum. Peat rarely writes on a topic without mentioning either endotoxin or keeping the gut clean as one of the main paths to good health. The role of cholesterol is finally getting to...
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