1. Ainaga

    Eunuchs Live Longer

    for all the meat packers and pipe dreamers out there pumping iron and supplementing
  2. blackface

    How often do you have sex in a long-term relationship?

    Hi there, I was just wondering today about a strange topic. What is the sex life of the average peater in here. Especially for those in a long term relationship. I dont care about one night stands, hook ups etc. Im just generally curious about couples who are in a long-term relationship...
  3. PopSocket

    How to properly use Methylene Blue ? Succinic acid, avoid graying of hair, sexual function, lower serotonin etc

    Feeling fantastic on 10-15mg per day, feel fully connected to the Universe so to speak. After many years of optimizing the organism it seems like MB is like the cherry on the top and bringing about all the benefits of lowered stress and improved metabolic function. Skin and hair looking great...
  4. Saphire

    Estrogen issues

    Hello, I am a 50 yo women who has had one ovary taken out in 2003 & an oblation procedure 2005. I have been dealing with estrogen dominance since 2019. I have tried many things with no relief. My Dr did a saliva test and said my progesterone was very low. At the time I had been taking...
  5. HeartGold

    Lost my Sex drive because of Progesterone Cream

    Hi, I’m a 28 year old male and I used Progesterone Cream (3-5mg) per day for 2 weeks on my face to reduce some fine wrinkles (crows feet). It worked but my Sex Drive is non-existing right now. What to do and should I worry? I always had high Libido. I stopped using it for 3 weeks.
  6. Hans

    9 Powerful ways coffee can boost libido and sex
  7. Hans

    Is there something like “the best aphrodisiac”? Which has been your favorite?
  8. Hans

    White button mushrooms are androgen antagonist

    I found this interesting. Apart from its known aromatase inhibitory effects, it might be an androgen receptor (AR) antagonist, blocking the effects of DHT. However, it does seem that the AI effect is stronger than the AR antagonistic effects. This might be why when people eat very large amounts...
  9. Hans

    How often should you have sex? Sexual frequency set in perspective How do you view libido and sexual frequency? What has helped the most to improve your sexual frequency?
  10. Hans

    I thought I had high libido…I was delusional What has been your experience with libido and refractory period? Have you had a similar experience?
  11. Hans

    Increase Sunlight-induced testosterone boost by avoiding this Sup my Sunlight Samurai! Are you still getting lots of sunlight? Have you noticed any T and libido-boosting benefits since upping your sunlight exposure?
  12. TobyBjorn

    Puberty often described with hyperbole?

    I'm curious about whether the common description of male puberty (as a period of excessive arousal and disproportionate libido relative to adulthood) is a functional hyperbole, or if people actually did experience a time of additional libido followed by a levelling off. I experienced puberty as...
  13. A.D.

    Raisin Bran for Testosterone & Libido?

    It seems like the perfect food before bed. Pros: • Wheat bran has Magnesium. • It's an Insoluble fiber which can lower estrogen. • The Raisins are good for Boron • Calcium in the Milk Here is what I'm worried about: Cons: • 80 grams of Raisin Bran has 9.5 grams of fiber. Can this raise...
  14. peatpilled

    Cascara Sagrada Down Regulates Androgen Receptors

    Emodin, the active component of Cascara Sagrada downregulates androgen receptors. "Emodin treatment resulted in repressing androgen-dependent transactivation of AR by inhibiting AR nuclear translocation." Source: Emodin down-regulates androgen receptor and inhibits prostate cancer cell growth...
  15. A

    17 YEAR OLD -- NEED to restore health/libido etc

    I don't know whats going on and what the cause of my issues are. When I was 15/16 had a very strong libido, multiple strong erections a day. Now I am 17 and rarely ever get an erection, maybe one or two a day and if that happens it is mild, weak blood flow to the area, libido has drastically...
  16. haidut

    Serotonin puts the brakes on libido, by lowering dopamine

    Nothing really surprising, as far as Peatarians are concerned, in the findings of this study. I am only posting it here as it is one of the few that officially acknowledge that serotonergic drugs cause sexual dysfunction - i.e. something mainstream medicine has vehemently denied for decades. As...
  17. A

    Progesterone increases libido?

    I would have thought the opposite - sometimes I'm taking it to improve sleep and general health, but I kind of accept that it may reduce testosterone and libido. But actually whenever I take it I have a stronger libido and erections. What could be the mechanism behind this?
  18. S

    My Experiences With Raising Androgens Log (Pansterone, k2, magnoil)

    So for the past week I have been applying 1 dose (4 drops) of Pansterone (sfa, anhydrol) alongside 2-4 drops of Kuinone (every 2 days) to the scrotum in hopes of raising androgens and thus libido and sexual function. Positives since starting: - Occasional morning wood (although not 100%) -...
  19. haidut

    DHT restores anabolism / vitality / sexuality even in 90+ y.o. males

    A great study, a true blast from the (better) past, when androgenic steroids and especially DHT were not considered the devil reincarnate, but were commonly used for all types of ailments, including the broad physiological and psychological symptoms of aging such as sarcopenia (muscle loss)...
  20. A

    How to turn straight

    The thing is, i m romantical attracted just to girls. My first crushes were girls, i watched just anime where i wanted to kiss /hugs girls but never sex. I watch gay porn and i fantasize and put me in the role of woman. I also watch straight porn and lesbian porn. I dont want a relationship with...