1. Hans

    The best fat for healthy testes (and high testosterone)

    https://men-elite.com/2022/12/01/the-best-fat-for-healthy-testes-and-high-testosterone/ ---------------- TL: DR Coconut oil: Can dramatically improve the health of your testes by reducing oxidative stress, DNA damage and inflammation. Can also protect the testes against any toxin, such as heavy...
  2. tastyfood

    What's the short term (next week or two) impact of covid on stress blood markers?

    I am dealing with what seems like covid (at least according to the test). I have mild flu symptoms, and resting at home. I was scheduled to test for some stress hormones that I'm monitoring after making some changes to my daily protocol. I am thinking about postponing the test, worried that the...
  3. Hans

    Juice up your testosterone with potassium

    https://men-elite.com/2022/10/28/juice-up-your-testosterone-with-potassium/ What is your favorite high-potassium food? Mine is definitely milk and kiwi. OJ is also good, but since I juice my own, it's only available around winter.
  4. Hans

    All you need to know about LH

  5. A

    My hair grew back on TRT

    After a month on TRT I noticed that new hair have started to grow on my scalp. I’m now 2 months in and it still regrowing new hair. My dosage is 250mg testosterone cypionate every week. What could the reason behind this be? Before TRT my LH and FSH was elevated. Could the reduction of LH have...
  6. tastyfood

    Scared of using Exemestane again, it raised my prolactin and LH/FSH too much

    About 5 months ago I used 8mg of exemestane (Xtane brand) daily for a bit more than three weeks. I had a varicocele, and wanted to try exemestane to help with male fertility issues. Exemestane was clearly effective at raising total testosterone: from 400 to 756 in 3 weeks. However, it double...
  7. Hans

    One of the best TRT alternatives (natural potent stack)

    Going on TRT can be a challenging decision. How long are you going to be on? How are you going to get off? Do you want to get off? What about fertility, risks, success rate, etc? I'm not trying to say TRT shouldn't be an option, but want to give an alternative. Fixing hypogonadism naturally is...
  8. Hans

    7 Uncommon testosterone boosting supplements

    I've written an article about 7 uncommon herbs, that you may or may not have heard of, that can increase testosterone. As a disclaimer, none of these herbs have been shown to increase testosterone in humans, but they do have animal studies showing that they do increase testosterone and they've...
  9. E

    Is Vitex a.k.a. chasteberry more positive than negative and your thoughts on whether it is bad for the testicles?

    Although primarily meant for women I have read and heard about Vitex having pro-Dopamine/Progesterone effects and possible anti-Prolactin effects and I have some at home and I thought about trying it out just to see how it makes me feel and if it gives me any noticeable changes at all however...
  10. haidut

    Gynecomastia Associated With Low Androgens, High Cortisol / Estrogen / Prolactin / LH / FSH

    I just wanted to post this study here since there is still controversy in endocrinology circles about exactly what imbalance causes gynecomastia. Ray has written on the role of cortisol and prolactin in causing gyno, which is in addition to the generally accepted view of estrogen being the...