1. Drareg

    Moral Panic

    A moral panic is pretty much what covid has become, a fanatical cult, I have linked the spy run Wikipedia, it covers what a moral panic is reasonably well, the 2nd paragraph however tries to throw people off the scent of Jeffery Epstein and the elite paedophile ring by alluding to the pizzgate...
  2. Drareg

    The woke personas are starting bait threads here?

    Im concerned that the woke cancel authoritarians are starting and if not will start bait threads on this forum. The topics are usually around woke topics such as race, transgender, diversity, immigration "white supremacy", inequality, gender pronouns, "domestic terrorism", antisemitic etc etc...
  3. Drareg

    American Universities under foreign Control

    The rats nest of wokism is academia, mainly white run universities with professors getting paid astronomical sums, I have no issue with STEM professors receiving big payments, they actually create useful tools and practice "science". This article highlight universities receiving billions in...
  4. haidut

    The "War On Drugs" Was A Lie To Legitimize Attacks On Leftists And Blacks

    Don't think this will come as a surprise to the people reading this forum. My only questions is this. If the "War on Drugs" was a lie and simply a political tool for Nixon to destabilize the "enemies of the state", then what are the "War on Cancer" or "War on Dementia" waged by the same...
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