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  1. haidut

    Fluoride At Levels In Tap Water Is As Toxic As Lead And Mercury For The Brain

    Finally some brave souls found the courage to publish a piece of truth. Fluoride is one of the "cornerstones" of public health policy and studies going against the established dogma are very rarely published. Whatever evidence about fluoride's toxicity comes to light is usually explained away...
  2. B

    Lead Poisoning In California

    Lead Poisoning In "Dozens Of California Communities" Worse Than Flint, Michigan | Zero Hedge It's a very distressing situation.
  3. P

    Relationship Between The Blood Concentration Of Several Metals &Endocrine Disorders Of Aging Males

    Analysis of the relationship between the blood concentration of several metals, macro- and micronutrients and endocrine disorders associated with m... - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Beyond 30 years of age, men experience a decline in the production of testosterone, yet only a few develop late-onset...
  4. J

    Garlic Beats Drug in Detoxifying Lead Safely From Body

    [moderator edit: unsafe link removed] Antioxidant effect of taurine against lead-induced oxidative stress.
  5. B

    Why is there lead in calcium suplements-why this low quality

    I remember Ray Peat saying:" Most commercial supplements are of extremely low quality". Is he right here again " http://suppversity.blogspot.com/2011/11 ... ls-of.html " I wonder is Now Foods Calcium carbonate powder is safe, I wrote two emails to them and no reply? I mean how can they even...