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    Whey (not whey protein)

    Hello guys, have anyone of you tried whey as supplement? I wanted to incorporate more lactose in my diet (due to facts in J. H. Kellog's book Autointoxication), but I am not friend with high fat or protein content and I did browse between many types of products from milk and I did find whey (do...
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    Metabolism Of Galactose In The Brain And Liver Of Rats And Its Conversion Into Glutamate And Other A

    Metabolism of galactose in the brain and liver of rats and its conversion into glutamate and other amino acids. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Time- and dose-dependent measurements of metabolites of galactose (with glucose as control) in various organs of rats are discussed. Not only the liver but...
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    The D-galactose Content Of 1-2 Cups Of Milk Incudes Changes That Remble Natural Aging In Animals
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