1. RealNeat

    Ideal Lab Values (a meeting of the minds)

    Many people get labs and then they don't utilize the values to their full potential because they don't know what to look for or what picture is being drawn by the results. If you have good evidence and a strong opinion on any labs that people are or should be getting please post ideal values...
  2. profwormbog

    High Transferrin, A, DHEA-S recent labs - need advice

    I am 47, male, BMI 23. Diet is mostly eggs, milk, honey, meat, OJ, fruit, coffee. Plenty of salt with meals. White mashed potatoes and white rice are my starches (with butter or coconut oil). I don't eat liver due to taste/smell intolerance. Highly allergic to shellfish. Decided to get an...
  3. Saphire

    High hormones

    Hello, I received my saliva test/labs back. I have several highs in Progesterone, Testosterone & Estrogen as well as Melatonin is all jacked up. I am also dealing with Ebstein Barr virus. My Np is wanting to put me on Spironolactone for the high testosterone which I am concerned about. Is it...
  4. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Inspired Lab Ranges and Explanations

    I would like the forums support on getting together as much blood, hair, nail, urine etc. testing result interpretations as possible. Even tests such as eye brow length, reflex test, EKG and blood pressure, which are minimally invasive tests can still be listed as they are important. Ray has...
  5. BestSinceDAYONE

    Correct Labs for Proper Estrogen Analysis?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice here...I am currently on TRT and as such, am getting tested for Estrogen, specifically, Estradiol. A LOT of Dr. Peat's work centers around this yet he hasn't really provided specifics on what labs what range of Estrogen you should be at etc. I have always been...
  6. RealNeat

    Anyone get labs (or other test) done and see benefits from addressing markers?

    I see a lot of people getting various types of lab work done but I haven't heard many follow ups or testimonials of improvement. Have you experienced benefits from addressing certain biomarkers? What were they? What was the improvement? How did you accomplish it?
  7. tastyfood

    Know anything about Mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS) testing from LabCorp?

    Labcorp has a special division for endocrinology testing. It was called "Endocrine Sciences" in the past, and they go by Labcorp's Esoterix now. This group uses Mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS) methodology versus the...
  8. D

    Lab results. High T4?

    Hello, Im wondering if my lab results are okay? what does the high RBC, low MCH, low platelets, and high lymphs mean? also is having that high of a t4 uptake normal? I read it could suggest a goiter and i feel something below my jaw kind of like a bump.
  9. Charger

    Thoughts on Recent Bloodwork (02/27/2021)

    I recently started taking 50mcg of T3 daily and could tell it was boosting my androgens and wanted to get some bloodwork to get an eye on where I was at. My testosterone is the highest it's ever been at 32, up from the 670 ng/dL I've hovered around the past couple of years, and way up from the...
  10. R

    Help Interpreting Labs?

    Hi all, Hope this finds you well, considering recent upheavals. I am a 36 y/o female, been dealing with hair thinning for 8+ years. What started out as hormonal TE uncovered AGA. My hair hasn't been the same since and continues to thin out. Very distressing and has taken a toll psychologically...
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