lab grown meat

  1. orangeUglad

    "PLANT BASED" being pushed like I've never seen!!!

    Working in a health food store I have noticed the "plant based" foods being pushed like never before. I noticed yesterday we now carry almost nothing in the frozen foods that doesn't say "plant based". I read the ingredients of these items and they are replacing meat and dairy with soy and cheap...
  2. Drareg

    Pfizer and Lab Grown meat

    The inspiration for lab grown meat comes from Pfizers left over vaccine slurry, considering many of the neo-meat companies were floated on the stock market it explains the hype, the pump is soon to become a dump. Once again big corporate is looking for public tax payer investment to save the...
  3. Giraffe

    What's behind the lab grown meat craze?

    I am really wondering what this lab grown meat story is about. This post is not offering answers. It looks like it's not about ensuring the food supply. When Bill Gates says the rich countries should be eating '100% synthetic beef' he means we should get used to vegan fake beef. The...