lab exams

  1. V

    Evaluation and opinion of my laboratory tests

    Tests are blood and urine. While it is true that some values have improved compared to previous tests, there are others that have worsened and that I do not understand. - I am worried about the difference between my total testosterone (very high, even outside the upper range, in this test...
  2. wealthofwisdom

    Anything Concerning in my lab tests?

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to order more lab tests. Before I do that, would anybody chime in on what I should be looking at, considering the results of my first test (6 months ago)? The number one thing I'm looking to improve on is my overall energy and stamina (for exercise, tennis, etc)...
  3. M

    Help With T3, T4 And Weird Lab Results

    Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a while. Two years ago, I had blood exams done and my TSH resulted to be 4.27 but my primary care physician refused to treat me with supplementary T3 and T4, because according to the lab the normal range for TSH...
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