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    Ketotifen nebulized?

    Hi everybody! I'm thinking of giving nebulized Ketotifen fumarat a try for some lung inflammation and dry cough. Any idea what would be a good amount to start? For methylene blue a 0,1% solution was suggested, and for hypteronic sodium @haidut suggested 1,5%. Thanks a lot!
  2. haidut

    Ketotifen May Treat Hashimoto's

    I am posting this study for those people who need an alternative to thyroid hormone treatment. This is a human study, so it is even more relevant for people with Hashimoto's. Given the main effects of ketotifen as a histamine and leukotriene antagonist, as well as some serotonin antagonism it...
  3. haidut

    Ketotifen Prevents Skin Aging/wrinkles Due To UV Light

    Meet your new beauty ingredient - ketotifen. UV light exposure is one of the main triggers of visible signs of skin aging and contributes to lipofuscin formation as well. It looks like ketotifen may be able to prevent that damage and given its leukotriene and histamine antagonism it may be a...
  4. haidut

    Ketotifen Can Reverse Pancreatic Damage And Improve Digestion

    Many people on the forum have reported struggling with poor digestion, and some have experienced relief by taking digestive enzymes. Peat and many other researchers have written about the connection between poor digestion and virtually all chronic conditions. The pancreas can get damaged by a...
  5. R


    anyone know if this is good or bad? Have some mast cell and histamine problems---looking into using this and maybe cypro
  6. managing

    Ketotifen (Zaditen)

    Anybody know anything about?
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