1. forterpride

    Niacinamide dosing for diabetes

    Hello all. My mother has borderline diabetes. Have heard that niacinamide can help lower blood sugar. Does anybody have any sources or experience indicating what dosages she should try for desired effect? I am also having her try using fructose as well as getting ketamine treatment since Peat...
  2. Lokzo

    Creatine Exerts Same Effects As Ketamine In The Brain?

  3. haidut

    Ketamine Cures Depression By Reducing Serotonin, Increasing Dopamine

    As many of my readers know, FDA recently approved the party drug ketamine (known as Special-K on the street) as a rapidly-acting antidepressant. The rapid antidepressant effects of ketamine have been known since the 1960s but FDA denied that those effects are relevant in humans and refused to...
  4. haidut

    Cortisol (stress) Directly Causes Depression

    I have posted quite a few threads/posts on the role of stress as perhaps the main cause of depression and other mental disorders. Officially, psychiatry claims that no environmental factor is known to be a direct cause of depression and that depression is a “complex” mix of genetic...
  5. P

    Creatine, Similar To Ketamine, Counteracts Depressive-Like Behavior Induced By Corticosterone Via PI

    Creatine, Similar to Ketamine, Counteracts Depressive-Like Behavior Induced by Corticosterone via PI3K/Akt/mTOR Pathway. - PubMed - NCBI Ketamine has emerged as a novel strategy to treat refractory depression, producing rapid remission, but elicits some side effects that limit its use. In an...
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