1. Jib

    Kefir And Secondary Fermentation

    Just throwing this out here: I've been "secondary fermenting" my kefir, and it results in a very noticeably milder kefir. Less tartness/acidic bite, more mellow. Almost like a very, very faint cheese-like flavor, with very little acidic bite. Secondary fermentation = letting the strained...
  2. Ulla

    Homogenized milk and KEFIR grains

    Hi. This is my first post. We know that homogenization process damage milk fats, proteins and enzymes. Also calcium is broken up through this process. This exposes fat molecules to calcium, producing calcium soaps that are hard to digest. Do you think that kefir grains could repair or maybe...
  3. D

    yoghurt+kefirgrains= lactosefree?

    After searching a bit on Google,I couldn't find anything on this (though I highly doubt I'm the first one to ever think of this.) (free&too much) Fructose is a problem for me (for my digestion&liver),which is probably why I also don't do that great with lactose. All cowdairy is a no-no for me...
  4. P

    Fermented Diary Instead Of Milk?

    Ive been trying to 'adapt' to significant quantities of milk ie 2 pints or more per day for 5 months now and still have bouts of bloating and diarrhoea, however I digest fermented diary fine eg yogurt and kefir, although ray says of yogurt, consuming more than an ounce per day is not good, he...
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