1. Pistachio

    Vitamin K2's effect on Lunulae (fingernail crescents)

    Has anyone taking Vitamin K2 noticed a change in their lunulae—those white crescents at the base of your fingernail? Supposedly, these crescents are a sign of your health. It's difficult to find a connection to K2, but there are some sites that claim that a lack of Vitamin B12 results in...
  2. johnwester130

    did my face change from k2 and avoiding PUFA?

    obviously my hair is shorter in the second pic there also seems to be a dent in my forehead?
  3. lvysaur

    Many K2 Supplements Useless, Only Trans-isomer Biologically Active

    True K2 the best Mk4 & Mk7 on the market today Cis and trans isomers of the vitamin menaquinone-7: which one is biologically significant? This would explain any brands of K2 that gave people no effects. I've had success with both Thorne and LifeExtension. Nested Naturals, a pure MK7...