jordan peterson

  1. InChristAlone

    Jordan Peterson talk on the ideology of trans

    So many quote worthy lines in this video. "When you say that men can become women, by saying they're women, you're making a statement about language, not a statement about reality" "The battle is between narcissistic delusions and reality itself" "We know that the more you think about...
  2. MatheusPN

    Cultural Marxism, Reds Against (W) Freedom

    Some right-wingers talk about and are against the forged and incongruent, "Cultural Marxism" classification. Funnily it's the same forged argument made by Nazis. Coincidentally the right who is into it is practically for the same reason as Nazis. The majority of "Cultural Marxists", hate/...
  3. Soren

    Jordan Peterson Post-Recovery Interview

    Jordan Peterson's first interview since going into Rehab. Sounds like went through a living hell. He goes into detail and it is fascinating. It is also very illustrative of how totally a joke the western medical system is particularly when it comes to drug addiction. Hopefully since he is so...
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