1. haidut

    Deficiency of activated folate may be the cause of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

    Yet another common, mysterious, and "incurable" conditions may turn out to be surprisingly simple in reality. The study below found that the majority of people with this condition have low levels of the active (methylated) folate and elevated levels of unmetabolized folate. As such, a clinical...
  2. haidut

    Just One (1) Tablespoon Of Gelatin Daily Is Enough To Improve Joint Health

    A human study, and as such very relevant. The current "kind" of joint supplements on mainstream TV is undoubtedly glucosamine. Very little evidence is available to support the claims behind this heavily advertised supplement. On the other hand, gelatin (and glycine) have over 100 years of...
  3. uuy8778yyi

    How Important Is Silica In The Formation Of Gelatin/collagen ?

    are gelatin/collagen the same thing ? and if so, how important is the mineral silica in their formation ?
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