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  1. JamesGatz

    Working a job is NOT PEATY, going to school is NOT PEATY, now you know why homeless men are IMMUNE to hair loss

    Hey man I just WORKED A corporate job for 2 weeks (making 100k which isn't TOO BAD) and NOW I QUIT. You know why? A) In those 2 weeks my hairline went from a NORWOOD NEGATIVE 1 (perfect hairline) a NORWOOD ZERO (almost perfect hairline) B) MY GROWTH STOPPED MAN (I was GROWING FAST before the...
  2. JamesGatz

    Best hormonal profile to target for Job Interviews/Good tips in general

    Alright so I'm looking for tips to try out during job interviews - I've done a couple remote interviews and have a few more scheduled - many of the jobs I apply to are technical/problem-solving based - what I learned thusfar: What is not good for an interview for me: High DHT - High DHT gives...
  3. ScurveDream

    The "Sin" Of Proudness & Position: The Way You Bargain Can Show Your Ego

    Have you not noticed this who always make sure to know "their place" in social orders/groups? It's not even an involuntary thing -- I'm talking one knowing "where they stand" because it is relevant to them to consider such a thing. Examples include people who deliberately make it known what...
  4. haidut

    White-collar Jobs Linked To ALS And Parkinson

    Ever since ALS and Parkinson were formally introduced into the medical vocabulary, the medical industry has been trying to explain their increasing incidence with a variety of bizarre genetic stories. The genetic explanation started to collapse in the late 90s when it became evident that 90% of...