1. JamesGatz

    Working a job is NOT PEATY, going to school is NOT PEATY, now you know why homeless men are IMMUNE to hair loss

    Hey man I just WORKED A corporate job for 2 weeks (making 100k which isn't TOO BAD) and NOW I QUIT. You know why? A) In those 2 weeks my hairline went from a NORWOOD NEGATIVE 1 (perfect hairline) a NORWOOD ZERO (almost perfect hairline) B) MY GROWTH STOPPED MAN (I was GROWING FAST before the...
  2. Outdoctrination

    Job opportunity in bioenergetics!

    Hey guys, I've posted about this before on here but wanted to send out another discussing this opportunity. We are creating a startup in order to help treat functional GI disorders using a bioenergetic approach. If you have experience or a degree in the field or in a related science and are...
  3. PeatandPotatoes

    What Exactly is an Independent Health Researcher?

    I seem to see this job title used quite a bit, what would someone with this job do, how much do they make, who do they work for, etc?
  4. MetabolicTrash

    Jobs will not fix poverty, improve standard of living much, or overall quell financial problems

    It's said by many political figureheads, workaday people, your neighbors possibly and family, etc. that more access to jobs will help lift people out of poverty. The funny thing is, though, that plenty of substantial data can likely be found that shows fluctuations in job demand, supply, etc...
  5. MetabolicTrash

    The "Sin" Of Proudness & Position: The Way You Bargain Can Show Your Ego

    Have you not noticed this who always make sure to know "their place" in social orders/groups? It's not even an involuntary thing -- I'm talking one knowing "where they stand" because it is relevant to them to consider such a thing. Examples include people who deliberately make it known what...
  6. haidut

    Standing At Work May Be A Lot More Dangerous Than Sitting

    I am sure many people here have seen the flood of ads for "standing desks" - a raised desk without a chair which a person uses to work in an upright position instead of sitting. Thee have been many health claims made for these desks, none of which have been verified so far in controlled studies...
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