1. JamesGatz

    Why is having an alien skull so popular across different civilizations - Is there an advantage to head-binding/having an elongated skull ?

    I'm sure most of us on the forum are familiar with this image and maybe other images like it The history channel says Aliens but I think we can say it probably is not the case Alien intervention? Quite clearly, the strikingly elongated human skulls found at sites such as Nazca and Paracas...
  2. JamesGatz

    Why wearing a mask will LITERALLY KILL you and why masks where chosen for the PLANdemic

    I wanted to make this topic because I see many users wanting to use masks to increase CO2 I will try my best to articulate my thoughts for why it KILLS you SLOWLY but SURELY and why I strongly believe it was CHOSEN for the P(l)andemic As I have articulated in other threads - THE JAWS MUST...
  3. JamesGatz

    If you want to look like a supermodel (and why you should want to look like a supermodel) - a case for head insulation 24/7

    As we all know by now - low thyroid causes mouth breathing and mouth breathing is a horror show on the maxilla. People say to keep your mouth closed, lips sealed, and tongue glued to the roof of the mouth - hence why the method of mewing has been popularized in recent years. In this thread I...