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    Cypro Works Like Vitamin K2 For A Better Jawline?

    Hi, everyone. I read on the forum about cypro having a vitamin K2-like effect on calcification, and I saw reports of people who took vitamin k2 who got, through the anti-calcification effect, a larger jaw. My question is, does cypro have the same effect? Could someone who used it report?
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    Does Mewing (Orthotropics) Work?

    https://orthotropics.com/ What do you think?
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    Bone Structure / Jaw Structure Fixed With Correct "mouth Posture? "

    I've been reading this stuff about correct jaw posture and how it can supposedly help widen out your teeth? Does anyone know about this? http://claimingpower.com/tongue-forces- ... p-muscles/ I have an underbite - is there something specifically I should do for it?
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