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  1. orangeUglad

    Alien Life in the VAXX

    View: https://rumble.com/vnlxse-alien-life-forms-found-in-the-vaxx-they-are-multiplying.html
  2. pauljacob

    Why the Vaxed Look Healthy, the Unvaxed not so?

    Here on this forum, most of us are against the vax and it's many evils to the individual, families and society. On the last Donny Roddy podcast, he and Georgi listened to Ray as he plunged them and viewers deeper into fear and foreboding similar to the dystopia of George Orwell's 1984. Georgi...
  3. K

    Reset immune system after jab?

    Putting out feelers here! Are there any known or theorized ways one could “reset” their immune system after the jab? I haven’t gotten it (and won’t be), but some family and close friends have. I’d love to be able to support them in some way if they decide they want to hop off the booster train.