itchy scalp

  1. Ilona K.

    Acid Reflex; Bloodwork results and Nail test results Male 36 YRS

    Hello, I am trying to help my husband with his general health. I have attached the most recent bloodwork, and nail test with Georgi Dinkov lab. He struggles with: -acid reflex in the day time and very bad in the night time -Very sensitive to some foods. -I am wondering if he needs thyroid...
  2. FitnessMike

    Did you ever get an itchy scalp and subsequent gradual hair lose as a result of hypothyroidism?

    Over the past years, I have been having an itchy scalp in one area of my head (left temple) and slow but gradual hair loss in this area. It did get better with taurine and other stress-reducting components, but it never entirely went away (still sorting metabolism). Any ideas on how to quench...
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