1. dervmai

    Worsening of histamine issues on thyroid. Did I figure out why?

    I ran my diet through cronometer. By the way, if anyone is trying to fix their health, running your diet through a vitamin and minerals tracker like cronometer is a must. Basically it shows my copper intake is low and my zinc is quite high. I eat a lot of red meat, it's the only type of meat...
  2. Giraffe

    Itching: Is It Your Kidneys?

    Peat said that too little calcium and vitamin D and too much phosphate lead to kidney degeneration, and supplementing those "in many cases will correct the whatever the liver and kidney problem is." [source] I found a couple of studies that link itching (and a couple of other skin and nail...
  3. haidut

    Itching May Be Driven By Serotonin

    I have always wondered about this phenomenon and why it is that people with chronic conditions or depression seem to have a problem with excessive itching. It turns out that itching is closely related to pain and as such the release of serotonin. I already posted about the relationship between...
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