1. haidut

    Illness (endotoxin) makes body odor unpleasant, may lead to social shunning

    The study below demonstrated something most of us have known intuitively since childhood. Namely, sick people not only look sick, but they also smell "sick". While this has already been established scientifically for people with terminal diseases (e.g. cancer, which increases body levels of...
  2. TMCMac

    AlloP is helping a lot with anxiety and mood! Can I replicate this without it? Would it be sustainable long term?

    I have struggled with a lot of anxiety and mood lately as I work 70 hours and I got Georgis AlloP and its helped a lot with mood and Ive noticed it increases my wanting to socialize it comes so much more natural. I take 4-8mg allop for the past week. I also pair it with metergoline 4mg. I...
  3. haidut

    CNN: What's the point of ever leaving home again?

    Yet another example that this whole "pandemic" is nothing but a smokescreen for the ushering in of the deliberate digitization and isolation of society. The former for profit, and the latter for security. Except, we are being gaslighted that the "security" portion is all about protecting us -...
  4. Grapelander

    5 Core Techniques Of Brainwashing

    5 Core Techniques of Brainwashing 1. Isolation 2. Control 3. Uncertainty 4. Repetition & 5. Emotion
  5. haidut

    Endotoxin (LPS) Can Trigger Social Withdrawal / Isolation

    If you talk to a doctor about endotoxin (LPS), he/she will most likely give you a blank stare as this topic is very rarely covered in medical schools and the little coverage it gets simply states that endotoxin is never an issue in most people as the liver will quickly deactivate it. Yet, what...
  6. haidut

    Loneliness Increases Alcohol Tolerance, May Explain "addiction"

    I posted several studies in the past about the connection between stress hormones and "addiction", especially alcohol. This new study adds more evidence to that link and now also draws serotonin in the picture. Apparently, social creatures are much more sensitive to inebriation effects of...
  7. haidut

    Loneliness / Isolation As Harmful As Obesity For Longevity

    A study that ties nicely with the earlier study I posted on "addiction" being caused by the same factors. ... 160521.htm
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