iron overload

  1. B

    Mild Iron Deficiency

    Doctor said I have a mild iron deficiency and recommends taking an oral iron supplement. Probably not going to take one but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for raising my hemoglobin/hematocrit. I have not donated blood in over a year and each time i went in my hematocrit was...
  2. L

    Apolactoferrin Without Silicon Dioxide

    Apolactoferrin (or apo-lactoferrin) is the low-iron version of lactoferrin which is used to chelate iron. The only apolactoferrin supplements I have found are the Jarrow Formulas and the Life Extension ones but both contain silicon dioxide (silica). Are there any sources of apolactoferrin...
  3. E

    Iron overload - Doctor won't prescribe me more test

    Hi, I have done my last blood test and my doctor is not worried about Haemochromatosis because he said my ferritin is only 300 ng/ml and not over 1000 ng/ml which he said is the freehold to suspect Haemochromatosis. Here is my blood test result: Ferritin: 300ng / ml range (30 - 400) Iron...
  4. B

    Normal Ferritin, High Transferrin Saturation: Managing Iron Overload

    Hi all, I've been doing a lot of research because my iron levels are out of whack and I have the allele for H63D which predisposes me to some iron overload risks. My ferritin has stayed consistently low. In the past it was like 55. My health declined and ferritin actually went lower, to the...
  5. UG Krishnamurti

    Would Methylene Blue oxidize iron?

    Since I'm not very intelligent I hope somebody would help me with this: If I had iron overload in my tissues. Intestines for example. Would ingesting something like Methylene Blue cause the oxidation of that iron and cause more problems? STUDY...
  6. B

    Magnesium Fixed My Iron Overload

    Thought I'd make this thread for anybody else struggling with iron, as when I first found my blood work suggested iron overload, I couldn't find much information here. I ran some iron labs whilst trying to isolate the cause of my health issues and found that my transferrin saturation and serum...
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