1. T

    Weakened erection during sex after high dose of iodine from Norwegian kelp email to Ray included

    Hey all, I emailed this to Ray Peat but I hope someone can chime in here as well: "Dear Dr. Peat, I will donate 5 dollars to your PayPal account. I'm very worried about my physical state, I took 750 mcg of iodine or even more (I forgot the exact dosage) from a Norwegian kelp supplement for 4...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    How to fix gum disease for <$100

    Hey guys, My teeth today feel the best they've ever felt, even considering the days that I've just left the dental hygienist, so I did a quick write-up of some recent information I came across + a practice I employed which gave great results. ############# ---> How to fix gum disease for...
  3. GutFeeling

    Autism Four Times Likelier When Mother's Thyroid Is Weakened

    Pregnant women who don't make nearly enough thyroid hormone are nearly 4 times likelier to produce autistic children than healthy women. The association emerged from a study of more than 4,000 Dutch mothers and their children, and it supports a growing view that autism spectrum disorders can be...
  4. Infarouge

    High Dose Iodine (grams)

    What are Ray and the community's opinions on the massive iodine doses that were routinely used in medicine until the 1940s? Potassium iodine was initially invented to treat syphilis. Here is a paper documenting 12 grams daily orally for 3 weeks to treat syphilis. There are many other papers...
  5. nigma

    No Researcher Knows So Much About Iodine And Human Evolution As The Italian Dr Sebastiano Venturi

    Google Translate translated by googles AI from German. What you certainly did not know about iodine A surprising statement about the underrated trace element iodine . Author: Kyra Kauffmann, non-medical practitioner As a child I used to pull my nets through the undergrowth in our area and...
  6. T

    Mega Dosing Iodine = Bad, Destroys Thyroid Tissue Permanently

    A person may feel more energetic when first starting an iodine supplement, but lab tests will reveal that their “new energy” is coming from the destruction of thyroid tissue which dumps thyroid hormone into the circulation, and reports will show an elevated TSH, elevated thyroid antibodies, and...
  7. ddjd

    Low Iodine Levels In Vast Majority Of Population?

    Ive been experimenting with lugols iodine recently and taking well above what ray recommends. I suspect I had/have a deficiency which is why im experiencing such positive results, improved sleep quality, amazing skin tone, huge estrogen reduction, more energy in the day, better cirdanian rhythm...
  8. K

    Dietary Nitrate Inhibits Iodide Uptake

    Perchlorate competitively blocks iodide from entering the thyroid. Those thyroid-related effects of environmental perchlorate have created great health concerns. However, nitrate, found in spinach, beets and other vegetables, seem to have similar or worse effects than perchlorate, as this study...
  9. S

    Iodine Blocks Estrogen

    Iodine antagonizes estrogen in this study Iodine Alters Gene Expression in the MCF7 Breast Cancer Cell Line: Evidence for an Anti-Estrogen Effect of Iodine
  10. Makrosky

    Ray Peat On Iodine

    Ok, so many people is talking about iodine now. A user called visionsofstrenght over the old forum posted this, so I'm copying it here as well. Original thread ( ... 426#q52426)
  11. burtlancast

    Perchlorate Water Contamination A Reason To Supplement With Iodine ? "Perchlorate is a potent competitive inhibitor of the thyroid sodium-iodide symporter.[48] Thus, it has been used to treat hyperthyroidism since the 1950s.[49] At very high doses (70,000–300,000 ppb) the administration of potassium perchlorate was...
  12. natedawggh

    Chlorine And It's Role In Excessive Sweating With Cold Extremities, Iodine, Calcium, And Magnesium D

    So I posted the other day about cold beverages, but I've changed my mind (I was often taking drinks of milk or soda after showering, and so thought it was the beverages). I have noticed this pattern that every time I take a shower (and I take long, hot showers to warm up), my extremities get...
  13. B

    Is There Any Reliable Food Source Of Iodine?

    In my country they tested commercial salts from the stores for iodine and the results were suprising. Mostly anything that wasnt in a hermetically sealed plastic bag had no iodine left. Also some had no iodine, maybe because manufacturers didnt even bother to add it, but in some it was...
  14. H


    So what's the story on iodine/iodide? I know the thyroid needs it but we're not encouraged to supplement with it. Does anyone have more information on iodine and why we wouldn't need to supplement?