1. haidut

    Insects Can Feel Both Acute And Chronic Pain, Can Even Develop Insect-PTSD

    Probably not many forum users know it, but to this day surgery on babies or other painful procedures is often performed without anesthesia. The rationale for this horrific torture is that the nervous system of babies is not developed yet, so they don't feel pain. It takes a special kind of...
  2. haidut

    GABA And Glycine Have The Same Effects In The CNS

    I am posting this simply as a pointer for those that suspect they have GABA signalling deficiency. Accodring to this study, instead of supplementing with GABA (which is hard to find in good quality) supplementing with glycine may have the same effects/benefits. Peat spoke about the similarity of...
  3. haidut

    New Human Study With Pregnenolone For Treating Autism

    It is to be held at Stanford University and is set to last 14 weeks. No word on dosing but the explanation is that downstream metabolites of pregnenolone are inhibitory in the CNS and can balance the excessive neuroexcitation that is a feature of autism. Given that serotonin is the likely main...