1. haidut

    Rising use of methylene blue in India as COVID-19 prevention/treatment

    As it appears, the general population is starting waking up. In addition to news about India, I also noticed that most methylene blue (MB) vendors on Amazon are commonly sold out or have messages saying the product is "unavailable". Large chemical suppliers like Sigma Aldrich are also routinely...
  2. Drareg

    Greta Thunberg Indian Farmers

    The Swedish woke omen Thunberg seems to have tweeted out a document with TMI from her handlers, a MSM blackout as usual when the chosen slips up. Indian farmers have been protesting against their government for months now, the gist of it is Bill Gates and the west want to colonize India, we in...
  3. haidut

    Fluoride Now Officially Banned In India As A Known Toxin

    It is funny how the knowledge about toxicity of a given chemical can be so widespread in certain areas of the world and completely censored in others. Not only that, but India seems to have banned fluoride for causing the same issues that Western medicine claims it prevents! Let's see if other...
  4. X

    T3/T4 in India

    Hello, Does anybody know if there are any thyroid meds like cynoplus, cynomel or cytoplus in India? All that I find here is just the synthetic T4 (only) meds like Eltroxin, Thyronorm etc. My mother is hypothyroid and she is on synthetic T4. She also has elevated TSH levels and hence I was...
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