1. Mauritio

    Lisuride facilitates delayed gratification by 5HT-2a antagonism; may be helpful for addiction

    A trait of highly successful people is to choose a bigger long-term reward over a smaller short-term reward. The ability control your emotions and impulses. A process known as delayed gratification. The study explains the issue, instant gratification, like this: "...the preference for an...
  2. Hans

    Testosterone and impulsivity; what's really the culprit Surprise surprise, it's estrogen and serotonin.
  3. J

    Anxiety And Impulsivity: Factors Associated With Premature Graying In Young Dogs I know this can happen in humans too, where a stressful event causes the graying of a specific patch of hair and the colour returns spontaneously when the stressful event ends (without the need of any particular diet...
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