immunity passport

  1. mrchibbs

    Vaccination passports are coming to Canada

    This is no longer a conspiracy theory, the mainstream media are testing the waters (likely on behalf of the Canadian government) and now a "bioethicist" is openly suggesting these passports are weeks or maybe a month away in Canada, where international travel is going to be impossible without a...
  2. Drareg

    Immunity COVID Passport Can’t Be Forged

    Danny Roddy and @haidut recently discussed this on Friday nights chat. It’s an intelligent response to attempt forgery in this instance, they are clearly psychotic and want to use this "immunity" passport to achieve a mandatory global sign up to digital identity. Whether or not you believe this...
  3. Drareg

    COVID 19 Health Passport Is Here!

    Here it is you conspiracy nuts! All done under the guise of a bad flu season. Could this COVID-19 ‘health passport’ be the future of travel and events? It’s created by extremely trustworthy organizations called the "world economic forum" via the "world bank". It’s done via the blockchain, you...
  4. M

    Stop The COVID-19 TRACE Act. Tell Trump To Veto It!

    You and I are living in perhaps the most dangerous times in American history. Certainly we are experiencing the most concentrated attacks on our American liberty. That’s why I’m asking you to sign this urgent email to President Trump to call on him to stand strong against these forces of...
  5. Giraffe

    Immunity Passport

    The tourism ministers of the European Union member states discussed a "covid-19 passport" and some sort of tracking system. “We reached several conclusions, particularly in the organization of the joint European approach to emerging from the crisis. It will include the creation of joint...