ice cream

  1. Sapien

    Ninja Creami- emulsifier free ice cream

    There is a new product on market that allows you to make ice cream without emulsifying the ingredients- This means one can make ice cream low fat/pufa since there is no need for a copious amount of egg yolk- or worse, stabilizers You can also make other frozen desert like sorbet etc Thought...
  2. Sefton10

    Studies show a mysterious health benefit to ice cream

    NUTRITION SCIENCE’S MOST PREPOSTEROUS RESULT Studies show a mysterious health benefit to ice cream. Scientists don’t want to talk about it.
  3. AlphaCog

    All Electric Ice-Cream Van

    Nissan e-NV200 van: ‘The UK’s first zero-emission ice-cream van’ Time to phase out old vans with their engines idling, churning out foul emissions for kids to breathe in How cool is that? Ice-cream without the carbon monoxide. The Nissan e-NV200. Nissan e-NV200 Price from £20,005 0-62mph 14...
  4. Mauritio

    WTF is going on with Häagen Dasz ?

    A few weeks ago I posted about the vanilla variant possibly having residues of ethyleneoxide, for whatever reason. Only the vanilla flavor. (Rückruf: Ethylenoxid – Hersteller ruft Eis „Häagen-Dazs Vanilla / Classic Collection“ zurück) Now they Call back A BUNCH of different flavors for...
  5. Rinse & rePeat

    We All Scream For No Cream Ice Cream - In Minutes! (with photos)

    "Blood sugar also seems to be low in migraine, so that some people find that eating a large amount of ice cream can interrupt the symptoms. This observation might be what we need to understand the role of sleep in health. We all know how hard it is to sleep when we are hungry (low blood sugar)...
  6. marcar72

    Straus Ice Cream

    ... just had some tonight and boy was it good! I think they got the same Peat friendly flavors as the Haagen Dazs five. I had a pint of Strawberry. I got Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla Bean chillin' in the freezer. I found this brand at a Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers store. Just thought I'd let...
  7. michael94

    Peat Friendly Addition To Vanilla Ice Cream

    Got some of the Blue Bunny all natural vanilla per many of your recommendations, Has the following - INGREDIENTS: Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Egg Yolks, Natural Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Specks Good to go! Only thing is I'm kind of getting bored of just the vanilla. I looked in the...
  8. T

    Why do people eat Haagen-Dazs?

    ***t milk with antibiotics and probably pus cream with the same non-cage-free eggs refined sugar (which, yes, i know is supposed to be better, but it seems almost logically impossible) sounds pretty disgusting to me
  9. D

    Ice Cream As A Fuel Source

    Out of all the Peaty carb sources I've tried, none seems to do the job like ice cream. Bear in mind I'm burning 3000+ cal a day and am on my feet most of the time. In the morning, I need carbs to fuel up for the day. Orange juice is good, but too much makes me jittery. Peaches seem better...
  10. Tarmander

    Coconut Bliss

    I just tried a new type of ice cream a few days ago from this small health food store here in America. It is called Coconut Bliss and they have a lot of flavors. It seems they used a lot of Coconut, so the fat is very saturated, and they use Agave Nectar, which if I remember correctly is...
  11. uuy8778yyi

    Singer Elliott Smith Lived On Ice Cream

    I found this fact interesting It seems like people are drawn to this food, just because it is so agreeable and nourishing
  12. A

    is Hagaan Daz really ok?

    I understand that the basic flavors(Vanilla, Coffee) lack any gums or carregenan and are made with simple ingredients of skim milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, and that particular flavor. but doesn't the milk/cream and eggs come from factory farmed corn and soy fed cows and chickens? and thus would...
  13. Westside PUFAs

    Josh Rubin Says Too Much Ice Cream Will Make You Fat

    From page 100 of his book, "The Metabolic Blueprint:" "WARNING: Too much ice cream consumption will lead to weight gain so please review the following considerations prior to incorporating into your diet. 1. Although ice cream offers a nice balance of macronutrients qualifying it as the perfect...
  14. J

    PUFA in ice cream

    Hello, I've been eating about 48 oz of ice cream daily, which has been going down very well and has been the most digestion-friendly way for me to get dairy/calcium, but I am concerned about how much PUFA I'm ingesting, from the egg yolk mostly I suppose... Here's the brand and flavor...
  15. Stunning4keke

    Benefits Of Ice Cream Before Bed

    i can't find anywhere it talks about how or why eating ice cream helps sleep? i even googled a bunch of things. and is Hagen Daaz the only ice cream without the guar gums? and are there any recipies to make your own ice cream? thanks! Stunning (or keke)
  16. Beebop

    Hazelnut Ice-cream

    I have an idea to make hazelnut ice cream - it's one of my favourite flavours. To remove PUFAs I would cook the nuts, then strain the juice and skim of all traces of fat. This would leave some kind of protein milk (hopefully a tasty one). Would this milk still be full of nut toxins and best...
  17. charlie

    Haagen Dazs Vanilla vs. Vanilla Bean

    My local store just got the Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean in and I tried it and it tastes really good. However, I wonder if its optimal for the Ray Peat Plan or should I stick with just regular vanilla?
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