1. haidut

    NSAID Other Than Aspirin Strongly Increase Risk Of Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure, And Stroke

    It has been know for at least 20 years that taking NSAID drugs other than aspirin increases risk of heart problems. The risk was considered low and even if materialized it was thought it would lead to relatively low grade heart attacks. However, this new study shows that the risk is higher than...
  2. Makrosky

    Antibiotics+Ibuprofen = Heaven?

    Hi there Ray Peaters! I would like to get some insight on what could have happened to me the last week because I'm very surprised!!!! :o :shock: :o :shock: I had a dental abscess with a quite strong infection for the lasts 5 months. I of course don't like dentists so I was delaying the...
  3. S

    Any input on ibuprofen

    Hallo all, So my question is about the effects/usage of iboprofen? how does it compare to asprin? Im asking because i got injured on friday, bad knee injury while doing what i love (Rollerblading) Got to have a MRT scan on thursday to see what damage has been done (guessing unless im very...
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