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  1. goodandevil

    Taurine Effective Against Hypervitaminosis A In Rats

    Abstract A study was undertaken to investigate the effect of taurine on the toxicity of vitamin A in male wistar rats. The rats were divided into six groups and fed different diets with or without supplements of 5% taurine and 25,000–50,000 (IU) vitamin A for 2 months. It was found that the body...
  2. goodandevil

    Effect Of Acute Hypervitaminosis A On Serum Concentrations Of Na, K, Mg, Fe, Zn And Cu In Rats]

    Arch Latinoam Nutr. 1987 Jun;37(2):305-11. [Effect of acute hypervitaminosis A on serum concentrations of Na, K, Mg, Fe, Zn and Cu in rats]. [Article in Spanish] Alarcón OM1, Burguera JL, Burguera M. Author information 1Departamento de Bioqímica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Los Andes...