1. youngsinatra

    Does Anyone Of You Also Have Hyperthyroid-Like BT & Pulse?

    Hello everyone, I've come up with a lovely stack that I took for the last few weeks. I love how it makes me feel and I have tons of energy and my metabolism is through the roof. My body temperature often got into the 37.3 - 37.5 C range lately and my pulse sometimes hits the 100-110 range, but...
  2. P

    Ways To Mitigate Temporary Hyperthyroid?

    Any advice on ways to mitigate temporary hyperthyroid states, e.g., when adjusting T3/T4 doses and ratios and maybe overshooting? I think Peat said something about cabbage juice, liver, neither of which I have on hand ATM. Any supplements, Idea Labs stuff, etc? Thank you.
  3. H

    Why can insulin resistance be consequence of thyroid dysfunction?

    In seeking to educate myself I came across this study which makes some confusing assertions as to the effect of thyroid hormone http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jtr/2011/152850/ Amongst some positive effects it is also claimed that thyroid can: - decrease glycogen storage - increase fatty acid...