1. UG Krishnamurti

    Buying a house/property. What would you do & look for?

    I am looking for a house with some land in my home country (Serbia) to buy with my girlfriend with more focus on the bigger acreage than a big house. Things I am looking for is that the property and house is not close to overhead power lines, cell towers, industrial zones etc. I would also not...
  2. BearWithMe

    Why are people in big cities generally much healthier?

    According to every study I read and every demographical data I have seen, people living in big cities tend to live longer and do better in almost every measurable health marker. But living on countryside should be much healthier, in theory. Less pollution, cleaner air, less EMF exposure, better...
  3. J

    High Fat Diet Induced Inflammation, Temperature, And Metabolic Disease

    http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abs ... 50-4131(15)00519-7 "Highlights •Thermoneutral housing accelerates onset of metabolic inflammation •Thermoneutral housing uncouples adipose tissue inflammation from insulin resistance •Atherosclerosis is potentiated in thermoneutral mice...