hot flashes

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    Something In My Stack Is Causing “Adrenaline Sweats”

    My morning consists of 1 grain thyroid,dhea & a multi vitamin. enclomiphene but only every other day. I feel good waking up usually but hours later i will spontaneously have the hot surges. I hate it. Id rather be cold than hot. Around the time the sweats come i get shaky too i just feel...
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    Why am I sweating every time I eat?

    28 yr old male I sweat only with my afternoon & evening meals not breakfast. Also can happen randomly in the afternoon.. like full on drench.. Why is that? I feel like a hormonal teenage girl with these hot flashes! I also feel like I cant get full ever. I had a huge dinner felt full for 10...
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    Sweating & Low Temps After Discontinuing Thyroid

    28 year old Male So i stopped thyroid 3 weeks ago & im currently trying to allow myself to go back into balance without supplememts. I feel as if my emotions are at least back. But I’m very low energy on and off through the day. My main culprit is random hot flashes. Sometimes after eating...
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    Is Low Estrogen Possible??

    After pouring over Peat's articles and this forum, I am still a bit unclear whether a woman can truly have low estrogen and what lab tests can be done to make sure the estrogen level is accurate. I am 51 yo woman, with diagnosed endometriosis in my late teens. Over the years I have always made...
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    Does fat loss cause Estrogen release?

    For instance, If one had started to lose weight, would estrogen stored in fat release estrogen into the system and one would have symptoms of high estrogen, such as hot flashes? After reading more of Ray's articles I was thinking maybe this new thyroid med (compounded, extended release) is...
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    Temperature Regulation Issues--Insomnia, Nerve issues

    I'm turning to this group for advice because you all are so smart! Trying to be concise here: I am having severe issues with body temps. The feeling is that I am swinging between freezing and burning constantly throughout the day. I think it may be that my body is going low, so there is an...
  7. burtlancast

    Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, The Relationship To Stress, KMUD Herb Doctors , 2012

    Download of the MP3 file: The original transcript was by Geneviève Deveraux; it got completed by Giraffe, and then verified by me. I've had to shorten some caller...
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