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  1. brightside

    Reasonable DIY Transdermal Testosterone

    Testosterone supplementation or complete replacement is a finnicky endeavor. Despite the capabilities of modern technology, the common solutions (injections) are invasive, toxic, and not maximally effective. Unfortunately, no route of administration can be maximally effective, without side...
  2. tastyfood

    Really frustated with hormonal lab test results done early in the morning in a fasted state!

    Could someone help me find the best way to test prolactin in blood? For consistency, I have been testing it at 8am, in a fasted state. I've been doing this for years. The value will not budge below 14 ng/mL no matter what I do. The one time I went to test non-fasted, the result was even worse...
  3. C

    Aging Of A 53 YO Male After 25yrs of Dutasteride 35yrs Oral Steroids + No Testosterone Or DHT

    On top of suppressing his natural testosterone production to nothing until age 51 by taking oral steroids, he suppressed his dht to about zero by taking a full dose of dutasteride. He added 125mg of testosterone at age 51 and used to take aromatase inhibitors when he was taking growth hormone...
  4. Xemnoraq

    Gender Dysphoria / The Castration Of Children

    Recently I've been seeing an alarming number of children being put on chemical castration drugs in the efforts to stop puberty to trans the kids from a young age, it's becoming really concerning and I'm pretty sure they use these same drugs as anti-androgenic compounds in prostate cancer. From...
  5. C

    Why Would A Man Lose All Visible Underarm Hair?

    Even teenage girls have pigmented underarm hair so I'm not sure how this happens to a male. I had also lost all visible forearm hair even though I had normal brown forearm hair prior to puberty then no longer visible after about 20 years (just fine unpigmented vellus hair). Unfortunately the...
  6. Mitchell777

    New Oral Testosterone “TLANDO” study.

    A new oral testosterone (TLANDO) treatment regimen without dose titration requirement for male hypogonadism The study uses a formulation consisting of testosterone undecanoate in a quote “unique lipid formulation containing predominantly predigested triglycerides (mono‐ or di‐glycerides)” The...
  7. Saphire

    Thyroid and Stomach health issues, need help!

    I need some help, I am going to try and make a long story short, so I will start with most recent. In February I went through some serious stress. It cause some issues in my neck to the point after 2 massage visits, 2 Chiropractor visits and 3 Dr visits I broke down and took prednisone. I had...
  8. O

    Problems with yellow bowel movements and recurring lowish body temperature and other symptoms.

    Hy Guys almost 1 1/2 years ago i had some thyroid problems after taking too much iodine It really crashed me. But this only happened after i used T3 and ran into some thyroid problems during that time. Years before i was easily tolerating larger amounts of iodine and felt amazing for months. So...
  9. RenaissanceMan

    Hormones/supplements to optimize for job interviews?

    Any recommendations for preparing for a whole day of interviews from a bioenergetic perspective? I was thinking that increasing DHT and T is obviously important to combat nerves and lower serotonin, but I also need to have high verbal fluency, of course. Do you guys have any recommendations...
  10. J

    Sourcing DHT gel for gyno?

    Hi, I’ve been doing research on topical DHT gel use to shrink gynecomastia in males. I came across this study and thought I will give it a try on my pre existing gyno which I have had since puberty. I’m 26 btw. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a source? Thanks
  11. tastyfood

    Men of the forum: How long can you go without taking a full shower and washing with soap?

    Since I stopped using toilet paper and hoping in the shower quickly to wash my buttocks, I have been feeling less of a need to take a shower every day. One of the main reasons I was hoping in the shower at night before bed is because my buttocks felt dirty and uncomfortable. Ray always says...
  12. Yonebayashian

    Crashing Estrogen As a Male; How To and What To Expect

    After reading people on this forum talking about this, I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile for myself as a male to try and crash my estrogen. Would the results be positive? What aromatase inhibitors should I take if I wanted to do this?
  13. Cameron

    Topical or oral androsterone??

    What was more effective for individuals topical or oral androsterone? I’m curious if the effect of 5ar activation in the skin with topical Andro is noticeably superior than oral convenience and bioavailability. Will oral convert more likely to an inactive weaker back door androgen via liver...
  14. orangeUglad

    Beef liver safe while pregnant?

    I consume a lot of milk, tropical fruits, organ meats etc...was reading online pregnant woman should not eat liver because the high vitamin A can cause birth defects...is this true? Also does anyone have good diet/supplement advice for a pregnant woman?
  15. F

    Short menstrual cycles - Follicular phase length

    Anyone know any methods for lengthening the follicular phase of the cycle I.e. the time from the first day of the period until the day of ovulation. Thank you
  16. B

    Androsterone Reversed AAS Induced Gynecomastia

    I've been running Trestolone (MENT) for ~1 week now at 25mgs per day. Definitely not peat approved but I've made this decision with that in mind already. Trestolone is a 19-Nortestosterone derivative thus has progestogenic action as well as androgenic and estrogenic. This compound converts...
  17. K

    Progesterone Best Practices?

    I've got a bottle of Progest-E in my cart, and before I click buy, I want to clear up some uncertainties I have about progesterone. For some reason I'm a little nervous to use it? 24/F | 5ft.3" | 120 lbs | Eating pretty peaty, while maintaining food freedom / having grace with myself if I eat a...
  18. P

    Estrogen and SERMs - Post SERM Syndrome?

    Could the SERMs I took two years ago after taking steroids permanently crash my E2? I simultaneously have high and very low E2 symptoms combined after I took Nolvadex in a PCT. Testicles hang very high and gyno is as puffy as ever and half-working penis for a few years now. When I started...
  19. Eastcoast Seth

    How Much Sugar In One Meal?

    How much sugar can the body safely handle in one meal? Let’s say I ate maple syrup or honey. how much of it can my body process at once?
  20. Charger

    Peating, Politics, and Passivity

    I've noticed since focusing on maximizing a high dopamine, low serotonin, low cortisol state that I've become much more passive regarding topics that I was much more fired up about a few years ago. I've spoken of having much more (far) right leaning views during the most stressful periods of my...