1. H

    Swollen Calves/Lower Body, discomfort/pressure in back/spine/kidney area (unknown cause?) Please advise, struggling immensely.

    Hey guys its me again. Coupled with the issues I've been suffering from over the last 2 1/2 years due to extremely high stress and suspected gut bacteria as well as malaise post-Covid, since late Nov my lower body especially my calves have been swelling, mostly discomfort but has evolved into...
  2. G

    I am a tired b****. Please help

    Hello, I have been dealing with feelings of hopelessness, depression, low energy, could stare at a wall for hours, no zest for life, I have become increasingly less nice to people. Been feeling this way for about 6 years now. I am wondering if there are any MEDICATIONS that have helped anyone...
  3. D

    Depersonalization, I feel like im dying

    Hey y'all, I'm going to say this the best way I can. My brain does not work. It isnt functioning at it's best. I'm 20yr old male and I feel old asf. Life is very tough for me. I have horrible memory. I'm also going through depersonalization. I feel as though I'm in a hologram. It's very scary to...
  4. haidut

    People Can Die As A Result Of Giving Up (a State Caused By Low Dopamine)

    Ask any doctor if loss of hope can kill and he/she will laugh in your face. Even if you use the more scientific term "learned helplessness" you will still be laughed out of the room. Well, the study below shows that "give-up-itis" (GUI) is quite real and can reliably kill a person if it takes a...
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