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    Progesterone use in pregnancy causes homosexuality?

    I am starting to doubt progesterone supplementing in pregnancy since I know someone who took natural progesterone and it made her spot during early pregnancy. This study claims that adults whose mothers took progesterone in pregnancy are more likely to be gay or bisexual. I was under the...
  2. A

    How to turn straight

    The thing is, i m romantical attracted just to girls. My first crushes were girls, i watched just anime where i wanted to kiss /hugs girls but never sex. I watch gay porn and i fantasize and put me in the role of woman. I also watch straight porn and lesbian porn. I dont want a relationship with...
  3. meatbag

    Perinatal Administration Of Aromatase Inhibitors In Animal Models Of Human Male Homosexuality

    Perinatal Administration of Aromatase Inhibitors in Rodents as Animal Models of Human Male Homosexuality: Similarities and Differences -- Abstract In this chapter we briefly review the evidence supporting the existence of biological influences on sexual orientation. We focus on basic research...
  4. haidut

    Up To 75% Of Homosexual Behaviour May Be Acquired, Not Inherited

    I am posting this b/c I think it underscores the importance of environmental influences in sexual orientation, which even now is considered primarily inherited/genetic. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4660555/ "...(1) Of the 50 subjects, only about 25% had interest in homosexual...
  5. haidut

    Hypothyroidism in the mother may lead to gay offspring

    This is another study that touches upon the effects of specific condition or stress while the woman is pregnant on the future offspring's health and behaviour. I posted some time ago that hypothyroidism in the pregnant mother may lead to autism. viewtopic.php?f=183&t=2315 Ray has said that it...
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