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  1. Indicator

    What Causes High Homeocysteine?

    Hi guys, a friend of mine contacted me regarding his mother's issues. She's been told that her homocysteine is high and her doctor mentioned it can affect heart health and his advice was to take folic acid and to avoid cheeses. We all know that doctors are hit or miss and this could well be the...
  2. Amazoniac

    The Consequences Of Cheese As A Main Source Of Protein

    After Travis' insistence on the dangers of elevated homocysteine levels, it reminded me of a suspicion that cheeses are a refined food, just like muscle meat without other parts of the animal, and so it must have negative effects if you consume a lot without compensating for the loss. To his...
  3. L

    Oral Creatine Supplements Lower Plasma Homocysteine Concentrations In Humans

    Oral creatine supplements lower plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans. - PubMed - NCBI Oral creatine supplements lower plasma homocysteine concentrations in humans. Randomized controlled trial Korzun WJ. Clin Lab Sci. 2004. Show full citation Abstract OBJECTIVE: To determine if oral...
  4. NathanK

    Taurine Blocks Methionine Absorption

    and lowers homocysteine and therefore atherosclerosis Sounds like it might be worth taking if eating out along with your vitamin E and tryptophan transport blockers Taurine and Homocysteine Reduction Taurine can protect against coronary artery disease by favorably modulating blood levels of...
  5. P

    Debugging Homocysteine And Sulfurization Pathway

    Homocysteine goes to Cysteine, using B6 and Magnesium. Cysteine then goes to sulfur dioxide and sulfites (toxic). The liver converts dietary L-cysteine into glutathione, taurine, sulfate, cystine, and allows a tolerated amount of unconverted L-cysteine to circulate in blood for direct uptake...