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  1. Grapelander

    Phenylalanine/Tyrosine Ratio: Estimating the Presence of an Inflammatory Disease and the Catabolic State

    Information on the Phenylalanine/Tyrosine Ratio. More information to make an informed decision in your amino acid choices. I took much phenylalanine (w/ Gotu Kola) when I was younger (17 to 30 years old.). As I got older I switched to Tyrosine. I tried taking phenylalanine last year and it felt...
  2. haidut

    High-dose vitamin D could help fight HIV/AIDS

    Actual article title, though I disagree with the "high-dose" qualifier as it corresponds roughly to a vitamin D3 dose of ~7,000 IU daily, which is not really a pharmacological dose. While the authors were not brave enough to claim that vitamin D supplementation could be an effective prophylactic...
  3. JamesGatz

    Are STD's real or not and if not - what explains the symptoms of STD's ?

    I was reading this thread : https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/having-zero-concern-for-stds.42107/#post-686547 So what do people think of this germ theory ? It seems people on this forum are split 50/50 if these germs or many of these STD's actually exist ? If STD's are not real and...
  4. SOMO

    Dying of AIDS and Cancer - not joking. Proton Therapy ($2500) may be my last hope. Anyone able to donate?

    RAY PEAT DIET/LIFE. Dying of AIDS & Cancer. NOT A JOKE. I need to survive and thrive. Don't want to die at age 31. https://www.paypal.me/SOMO1 CASH APP username: $SOMOx In the last 2 months I blew through 20K in savings on medical expenses, expensive supplements, organic healthy food...
  5. haidut

    COVID-19 vaccine(s) makes people test positive on an HIV test

    As many of the readers here remember, Peat mentioned in several interviews that one of the concerns he had with the various mRNA vaccines developed for COVID-19 was that most of them contain a protein fragment from HIV. He stated that the introduction of such retroviral species in the organism...
  6. haidut

    Niacinamide (vitamin B3) May Cure HIV (human Study)

    The title of the post sounds a bit too good to be true but this is basically what the case study claims and is also reported by the mouthpiece of Big Pharma - the Science Magazine. So, little by little the truth comes out, which is always good news. The only bad news in this case is that the...
  7. haidut

    Aspirin May Prevent / Reduce HIV Infection In Humans

    A few years ago, I posted some studies showing that endotoxin is key in the development of AIDS. Those studies also found that without endotoxin, the HIV poses little risk to (healthy) organisms...
  8. haidut

    Without Endotoxin (TLR4), An HIV Infection May Not Cause AIDS

    More than 3 years ago I posted a study showing that monkeys that are natural carriers of the simian version of HIV known as SIV, do not develop AIDS. It was only after being injected with endotoxin (even when attenuated) that these monkeys develop the wasting syndrome and oppostunistic...
  9. haidut

    Low DHT Levels May Be The Cause Of Wasting In HIV/AIDS

    While these studies only focus on the wasting syndrome in HIV/AIDS patients, the pathology of the wasting is virtually the same in other cachectic conditions including cancer, Cushing, sepsis, etc. If DHT does get approved by the FDA for muscle wasting, we may finally see a change in attitude in...
  10. TubZy

    Thiamine Is A Potent Anti Viral

    Came across this as I was doing some more research on thiamine and liver health- pretty interesting. If someone can get the full study that would be awesome too. It is the disulfide form so not sure how the HCL form would compare maybe @haidut can do the translation?. Just shows hows simple...
  11. haidut

    Cyproheptadine May Prevent And Treat HIV Infection

    A few months ago I posted a study showing cyproheptadine being potentially effective against Ebola and rabies viruses. Cyproheptadine may treat Ebola infection In another study, it was shown that the serotonin receptor is vital for infection and replication with viruses like JCV. The JCV uses...
  12. haidut

    Niacinamide May Be Able To Treat Both HIV And Tuberculosis

    Apparently, many human trials in the period 1945 - 1960 found it effective for tuberculosis. More recent trials (1990s and on) found it potentially effective for HIV. Effective human dose was 3g - 6g a day, with higher doses more effective for HIV...