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  1. P

    Pre-Wedding Diet

    Hello! I would love any help please. I am an Orthodox Christian and currently we are in Lent which means we cannot eat animal products till 4/24. Soon after that I'll be getting married on 5/15 and we do not plan on using any kind of contraception. So I wanted to know in the 3 weeks before my...
  2. H

    How long will it take for progesterone to reverse hirsutism

    Hi there! Currently I am taking a low dose of topical progest-e mixed with raw extra virgin coconut oil everyday with no bad effects (unlike when I was taking it internally and it was making me feel on edge and jittery). I haven't been noticing anything at all apart from some thermogenic effects...
  3. H

    Progest-e dosages for a girl w est/androgen dominance

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl w crazy bad suspected estrogen dominance resulting in mood issues, crazy heavy painful periods, painful ovulation and acne. I also have hirsutism so I suspect that my androgen levels are super high (I know what Peat says about estrogen dominance eventually causing...
  4. K

    So What Explains Why Balding Men Have More Body Hair

    So conventional wisdom suggests that DHT is the cause of all genetic hair loss and that DHT is what causes facial and body hair to grow. Its pretty well documented that men with more body hair are more likely to go bald/are more often bald. What is also well documented is that males who are...
  5. Orangeyouglad

    I'm Getting Hairy

    After peating for almost a year now my body hair has increased, everywhere. It's insane and extremely unsightly. Places that it normally shouldn't be, it is. I should note that at 29, I am by far the hairiest guy in my family and I can't figure out why. I've always been a bit furrier, but it's...
  6. J

    What Explains Extreme Body Hair/beard But MPB?

    I've seen this a lot in middle eastern cultures where the body hair is like a thick fur coat and the thickest facial hair possible... but serious mpb on the top. What explains this form of hair loss where hair is thriving in higher than average amounts everywhere except the top of the head?
  7. dfspcc20

    Body Hair (or Lack Thereof) In Males

    A comment from @haidut piqued my interest. Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth Without Toxic Signs Is lack of body hair (chest, arms, back) in adult males indicative of anything? My dad and 2 brothers are much hairier than I. I've always wondered about that. Other than a few chest hairs...