1. Luann

    Why Is High Protein A Good Thing?

    ...Since we want less serotonin in us? Does not make sense but I hope one of you can clear it up. Thanks / love.
  2. Milky

    Increased Protein Intake And Meal Frequency Reduces Abdominal Fat

    Increased Protein Intake and Meal Frequency Reduces Abdominal Fat During Energy Balance and Energy Deficit The group that ate 35% of their calories as protein 6 times a day (25-32g at each meal according to the meal plan) lost more total body fat and abdominal fat AND actually gained lean body...
  3. natedawggh

    High Protein Makes Me Crave Fructose

    Specifically, I have been taking casein for about a month now (in addition to a moderate amount of eggs, potatoes, chicken, gelatin, and cheese) and every day I have this INSATIABLE craving for fruit. It is not just for sugar, but fructose and fruit and cannot be satisfied by adding sugar to my...
  4. haidut

    High Protein Diet Prevents & Reverses Fatty Liver Disease (steatosis)

    A high protein diet (35% of calories) completely prevented fatty liver disease (steatosis) and reversed existing one caused by high fat diet (45% of calories). Assuming a 2000 calorie diet, 35% protein is 175g, which is not that much and achievable with food alone. So, for the people who cannot...
  5. M

    High Protein Problems?

    Any potential problems from consuming too many grams of protein on a daily basis? I've been averaging over 200 grams a day. I am trying to eat a low fat diet (under 40 grams, sometimes under 30 grams), and if I want to eat around 3,000 calories with that low amount of fat I end up eating around...
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