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  1. haidut

    Keto Diet Can Cause Lethal Kidney Failure

    The bad news for the low-carb diets just keep piling on. This case report is about a young and (presumably) healthy Indian actress, which quickly deteriorated and eventually died of kidney failure while subjecting herself to the keto diet. Before the hate mail starts pouring into my mailbox...
  2. haidut

    SFA / MUFA Are Preferentially Oxidized, While PUFA Are Stored/accumulated

    Just a quick post in response to some of the hate mail I keep getting on a daily basis in regards to the body's discriminatory treatment of various fat types. According to various proponents of keto diets, fasting, etc the organism has no preference for one type of fat or another in terms of...
  3. haidut

    Endotoxin Has A G.E.L.D.I.N.G Effect, Causes Obesity And Hypogonadism

    A very interesting study proposing that the decline in gonadal function seen in obese/diabetic men is due to chronically elevated endotoxin levels in such people. The study calls this phenomenon (G)ut (E)dotoxin (L)eading to a (D)ecline (I)n (G)onadal function (GELDING) due to the remarkable...
  4. haidut

    Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Heart Failure

    As many readers know, there is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. It is of worldwide proportions, but is visible mainly in "developed" countries in the Western world. The official stance of mainstream medicine is that while vitamin D deficiency is undesirable, it does not really have much...
  5. haidut

    Fungi / Bacteria, Not Autoimmunity, Cause IBD (Chron's, UC) And IBS

    I posted a study recently that chronic alcohol consumption increases Candida overgrowth in the gut while simultaneously decreasing the number of benign bacteria. Candida Overgrowth Is A Major Factor In (alcoholic) Liver Damage / Cirrhosis Actually, the term "benign bacteria" is wrong as there...
  6. haidut

    Stress Just As Bad As High-PUFA Diet For Your Health

    Most doctors consider stress to be an inescapable fact of daily life, but something that is of concern to only genetically pre-disposed people or ones who have CVD. The official version is that for most people stress does NOT cause adverse health outcomes. However, this house of cards has stated...
  7. haidut

    Higher Fat Diets And Fat Emulsification Increase Endotoxin (in Obese Males)

    High dietary fat is one of the primary factors for increased endotoxin load, especially if the fat is PUFA. This is probably one of the main reasons Peat prefers lower fat diets. However, most of the studies on the fat-endotoxin link so far have been on animal models. This new human study...
  8. P

    Taurine Treatment Modulates Circadian Rhythms In Mice Fed A High Fat Diet

    Taurine Treatment Modulates Circadian Rhythms in Mice Fed A High Fat Diet. - PubMed - NCBI Close ties have been made among certain nutrients, obesity, type 2 diabetes and circadian clocks. Among nutrients, taurine has been documented as being effective against obesity and type 2 diabetes...
  9. P

    Effects Of Excess Dietary Iron And Fat On Glucose And Lipid Metabolism

    Effects of excess dietary iron and fat on glucose and lipid metabolism. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract PURPOSE: Diets rich in fat and energy are associated with metabolic syndrome (MS). Increased body iron stores have been recognized as a feature of MS. High-fat diets (HFs), excess iron loading and...
  10. tyw

    Endotoxin And Fat Consumption

    I wanted to state a couple of opinions regarding endotoxin in the context of 3 papers: (a) Dietary oil composition differentially modulates intestinal endotoxin transport and postprandial endotoxemia (Mani et. al., 2013) (b) High Fat Intake Leads to Acute Postprandial Exposure to Circulating...
  11. Koveras

    Aldosterone Causes Fat Gain, Sodium May Prevent It

    In confirmation of what @haidut said here Salt Prevents Weight Gain On High Fat Diet These researchers have shown that blocking Aldosterone, in this case with a receptor blocker, prevents fat gain on a high fat diet. The same effect of reducing aldosterone signalling, may be achievable more...
  12. P

    Reversal Of Dopamine System Dysfunction In Response To High-fat Diet

    Reversal of dopamine system dysfunction in response to high-fat diet. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract OBJECTIVE: To test whether high-fat diet (HFD) decreases dopaminergic tone in reward regions of the brain and evaluate whether these changes reverse after removal of the HFD. DESIGN AND METHODS...
  13. burtlancast

    Life Supporting Substances - It's Rain Making Time, 2011-07-04

    Download link for the audio file: http://media.blubrry.com/itsrainmakingtime/p/itsrainmakingtime.com/_radioshows/110704Peat.mp3
  14. P

    Anti Obesity/diabetes Effects Of High Sucrose/low Fat Diet Comparing To Starch Or High Fat Diet

    Differential effects of fat and sucrose on the development of obesity and diabetes in C57BL/6J and A/J mice. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract We have previously demonstrated that the C57BL/6J (B/6J) mouse will develop severe obesity, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia if weaned onto a high-fat...
  15. Giraffe

    Impact Of A High-sucrose Diet Vs A High-starch And A High-fat Diet

    Replacement of dietary fat by sucrose or starch: effects on 14 d ad libitum energy intake, energy expenditure and body weight in formerly obese and never-obese subjects. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the impact of a high-sucrose diet vs a high-starch and a high-fat diet on 14 d ad libitum energy...
  16. haidut

    Salt Prevents Weight Gain On High Fat Diet

    In yet another confirmation of Ray's ideas, this study shows that mice on a high fat diet did not gain weight when supplemented with the extra amount of 4% salt in their diet. The 4% extra dietary salt is equivalent to about 30g of extra salt for a human per day. Peat said in one of his...
  17. haidut

    The Randle Effect In Action (human Study)

    This was a human study and it directly confirms Peat's views on what causes insulin resistance - elevated fatty acids, through the Randle effect, block oxidation of sugar. It would have been really helpful if the study looked at what happened after restoration of "normal" diet - i.e. how long...
  18. haidut

    One Reason Why Ray Peat Recommends Low(er) Fat Diet

    Although I have not read anywhere in his articles about this connection, I came upon this study and immediately saw why Ray may be leaning towards a low(er) fat diet. Long story short - high fat diets increase serotonin synthesis and levels in plasma and tissues, and serotonin apparently...
  19. S

    Anyone Folllowing A Higher Fat Diet?

    any peat high fat diets here? typically high fat as in over 45-50% calories from fat?